Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's Time…

The Blog—the epitome of new media to the extent that even its name is a new paradigm reduced from the combination of two words, web and log, neither of which do a single moment's justice to what they reference in their diminutive combination: BLOG. I'm not a writer by trade. I don't pretend to have pithy "Ideas worth sharing" (to quote those crazy TED types). I do have an opinion. One man's opinion. 

My good friend, Robert Skoglund, A.K.A the humble Farmer, famously said to me in a private message, "You write extremely well and should be contributing to a good newspaper on a regular basis." I thought he was kind to say this to a piker such as myself: a life-long moderate who is only truly bothered by extremism of all types and believes that there is a special corner in hell reserved for those who eschew the use of deodorant. I'm not a professional commentator. I'm not a journalist. I have no interest in elucidating anything, but I do hate the way communication in our modern world has been reduced to a collection of sound bites. I hate the way conservatives and liberals have religiously taken up their mantles, giving up the possibility of common ground as politically inexpedient, instead opting for division and derision: the fuel of the 24 hour news cycle. If you are looking for constant blathering on ad nausem topics aplenty from yours truly, I respectfully submit you've started reading the wrong blog. If you are looking for my opinion on a given topic of my choosing at the time I deign to write about it, fair reader, you've come to the right place.

This blog will be sporadic. This blog will be timely (at least when written). This blog will be fair. Most of all, this blog will happen whenever I damn well please, so don't come complaining to me when I haven't commented on the latest happenstance with the Olsen twins.

So to my good friend Robert, I say "thanks for the confidence. This is the best I can do." To the rest of you, I say "stay tuned." I'll get my undergarments in a knot sooner than later and will feel a need to express my feelings in prose. When that happens, I'll post it here first. Then I will let all my Facebook friends and Twitter followers know via a very self-congratulatory post. In the meantime, don't hold your breath. Great art takes time, and nothing I write here will qualify to be "great art." My next post may not happen until sometime after the fall of the Jamaican Empire (oh, it will happen, don't you worry, man), but if it does, you'll be among the first to know. 

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  1. An old man once approached François-Marie Arouet and said, "Vous écrivez bien..."

    The humble Farmer