Friday, May 15, 2015

Yesterday I asked Facebook friends and fans to comment on my website. I got a a number of very helpful responses (I've already implemented a number of suggestions), and one common thread was that folks seemed to want to see this blog more active. I'd love to promise that. I'd love to say that I'm going to start blogging as a daily habit—every day I'd have something new to say about some interesting topic. Monday I'd extol the virtues of house plants; Tuesday I'd wax poetic about the lesser-known virtues of bacon; Wednesday I'd talk about how much I love gardening, and so on…. It would be a wonderful, continuous monologue about the world from my point of view. It would be filled with meandering verse about my hobbies, habits, foibles, pet peeves, and interests and cover topics as varied as songwriting, auto repair, sauna maintenance, and cuisine. I could demonstrate to all who care to read exactly how fun and interesting my life as a professional musician is—and it is.

The truth of the matter is, however, that despite my best intentions when I started this blog, I'll never be a regular blogger. Not only do I lack the discipline to sit down regularly and do this, but I also lack the time and energy. Entertainers necessarily have to spend a lot of time pounding on social media to stay relevant to their friends and fans so that they will come out to shows and buy our latest work, and I fear the time I spend doing that really is my limit for tapping out ideas on the old computer keyboard. I'm far more likely to put out a 140 character tweet on Twitter (I'm @daverowemusic) or repost someone else's cat picture on Facebook (Music Page: or Personal Page: from my cellphone while on one of my daily walks than I'll ever be to pen a full blog post like this on a regular basis.

I'm flattered that people want to read my musings, and I'm certainly not going to stop blogging or take down this blog, but committing to blogging as a regular part of my life is something I just don't see happening…at least not until I can fill out a staff of full-time minions who are willing to take care of all the other crap I have to do and are willing to work for barbecue leftovers—despite the fact that my barbecue is ranked among the best within a three-house radius and my cole slaw is to die for, I still don't think there will be a line forming outside the Dave Rowe Music H.R. office to fill the positions any time soon. If, however, you are a motivated individual looking for thankless work and willing to work for less than the average border collie's annual income, feel free to email your resume and qualifications to and someone will get back to you soon.